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Should I or shouldn't I?

Re: Should I or shouldn't I?

Yes, you should. I am 64, just got the first dog I ever had. I would suggest you check and seriously research the Rhodesian Ridgebacks. You can only get one from a reputable breeder. They are great with children and are very loving and protective. They are from a warm climate so they do not smell as they are not "water" dogs... no oily skin RR are short hair and do not shed RR are in the "hound" category so they have floppy ears Their color is georgeous... rusty color and the ridge up their back goes from their hips to their shoulder... as shown on the above website. I got mine when he was 7 months old and brought him home... spent one week housetraining him (hung a bell by the door and everytime we went out I rang the bell and opened the door.) By the second week he did it himself and has since gone outside and never in the house... he is now 7 months old. Check it out ... don't be lonely when a precious dog is out there for you to love and love you back.

Nancy, 11/15/2005

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