How to use SeniorsMatch?

If you are new to SeniorsMatch, or have difficulties using it, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section below. To read the answer, click the question. If you are a new user, we suggest you read all the questions and answers.

When you register in SeniorsMatch  you have 3 options:



How do I register?

To register, click on the Join SeniorsMatch option on the top menu. The program will ask you to enter some information about yourself and to choose a nickname and password. The program gives you the option of entering your personal profile, Travel Mates ad or both (see also Why do I need to register with a nickname and password?).

The program then asks you to enter more detailed information about yourself. To build your "profile" (like your age, height etc). This is needed when other members perform a search. The program compares their search options with your profile and if they match, your ad is selected for display.

In order to better present your ad, you should write also a few words about yourself and your expectations. You can also write a "catchy" heading for your ad.

When you are finished with your personal profile, you will select your search preferences. These items will look almost identical to those entered as your description, but they are used by SeniorsMatch to remember your preferences when searching for other ads. Think of them as if they were your most wanted search criteria to make selection in our personal database. You will be able to change your preferences at anytime and they cannot be seen by anyone else.


Why do I need to register with my nickname and password?

You need to register with your nickname for 2 reasons: to be recognizable by other SeniorsMatch members and to be recognizable by our program (to give you access to our SeniorsMatch).

You can write anything as your nickname, the only limitation is that each SeniorsMatch member must have a unique nickname. Your password is for your own protection setting a password makes it hard for anyone else to use your account without your permission.

You cannot change your registered nickname. If, for some reason, you choose to change your nickname, you must unregister from SeniorsMatch and register again.


What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, simply click a link on a sign in page saying "I forgot my password". Then enter your e-mail address and password will be e-mailed to you. Remember - the e-mail address must be exactly the same as you entered at the registration.


How to search for personal ads?

To search personal ads, click on the Personals option on the top menu. Then enter some search criteria and click View search results. Some search options are mandatory, while other are not (like country and state). The program will search our database to match your search preferences and will present you with selected persons.

If you are a registered member you may notice that when you enter search pages, the search options are set by default to match the preferences you entered at registration. This makes your search easier as you don't have to enter the same information each time. If you would like to change the preferences, go to Update registration option, which you can find on the top menu.


Why do I register my preferences?

When you enter search pages, the search options are set by default to match your preferences. That makes your search easier as you don't have to enter the same information each time.


Can I send messages to other persons? Can I also receive messages?

Yes, you can receive and send messages to other SeniorsMatch members. This option doesn't use your private e-mail address but instead you have 2 internal message boxes: Inbox, where messages from other members are placed, and Outbox, where messages you sent are stored.

To read messages in your Inbox you must sign in to SeniorsMatch and click on Inbox (or Read received messages) link, then click on the message subject.

To send messages, click on Send message button on your SeniorsMatch personal page. Then select the addressee from your Contacts (What is Contacts list?), write a message and click "Send". The recipient will be notified when he/she displays their home page.

You can also send a message to a SeniorsMatch member from a page that displays their personal profile or travel mates ad, or from any page that displays a "send message" icon send message icon beside a username (by clicking on the icon).


How do I delete messages from my Inbox/Outbox?

To delete a message from your Inbox or Outbox, click on the message subject and then on the Delete this message button.


What is SeniorsMatch Contacts list?

SeniorsMatch Contacts is like your private notebook where you write down addresses and contacts. If you make friends on-line using SeniorsMatch, you can add them to your Contacts to have easier access to their profile page, personal chat line (How to use Personal Chat Line?) or send messages. When browsing personal ads you can also add some of them to your Contacts for further review at a later time. To delete persons from your Contacts click View/Edit your Contacts link on your SeniorsMatch Home Page.


Does anybody know my e-mail address?

No, we do not reveal your e-mail address to other persons.


How to use Personal Chat Line?

SeniorsMatch Personal Chat Line is a way to contact a person who is currently on-line (that means browsing our SeniorsMatch pages!) and have an on-line chat.

Note that this is NOT A CHAT ROOM - it is used for private conversation between two persons - nobody else can see it.

To initiate chat with somebody, he/she must be indicated as "currently on-line" - on their profile pages. Then click the "start chat" link and write a few words to begin. If the person you are "calling" is currently at the computer browsing SeniorsMatch pages, he/she will see a message (approximately 15-30 seconds after it was sent) that you want to have an on-line chat. The person can then answer the call or "hang up" sending you message that she/he is busy at the moment.

While you are waiting for the answer, the window refreshes every 15 sec. showing you the time elapsed. You can decide to cancel the call if there is no answer for more than a few minutes (the person may be signed in but physically not at the computer for example).

When the call is answered, the chat window displays the texts you are sending to each other. At the bottom of the window you can type in your messages and send them. Note that there is a small delay between sending a message and receiving updated text of the conversation - the window refreshes every 15 seconds. Also note, that closing the chat window will immediately cancel the chat.


How to add my photograph to my ad?

When you are a registered member of SeniorsMatch, you can enhance your personal ad with a photograph. To do so, you must have your picture scanned and prepared as JPEG (suggested) or GIF file on your computer. Then go to Update registration (one of the top menu options) and click on upload your picture link. The next page will then instruct you on how to do the upload. Your picture will be included in our database and shown on your profile instantly after upload completes.

Note that we neither prepare nor place your picture files in the database - you must do it on your own using the "Upload picture" page. Please do not send or e-mail us your photographs or image files.


How do I make changes to my SeniorsMatch Personals or Travel Mates listings?

If you would like to update or change your present listing, please sign in first. Then you will be able to make changes


How does my Personal profile in SeniorsMatch differ from my Travel Mates Listing?

Travel Mates works very much like SeniorsMatch, except it is kept in a separate Travel Mates directory.


If I sign up for a FREE Wired Seniors membership does that make me eligible for Free SeniorsMatch membership?

NO. SeniorsMatch and Wired Seniors are 2 completely separate web sites. In SeniorsMatch, you can enter your own profile and travel mates ad and view other members profiles and travel mates ads free of charge.


How to unregister from SeniorsMatch?

To unregister from SeniorsMatch, to remove your Personal profile or to remove your Travel Mates ad, click on Update Registration menu button. Then check the desired box at the bottom of the form and click Continue. If you select "Unregister from SeniorsMatch", all information about you, including your profile, your Travel Mates ad, your username and password, will be removed from our database.

How do I change my e-mail address?

If you have changed your e-mail address, sign in to SeniorsMatch using either your username or your OLD e-mail address first. Then, from your Home Page, click on Personal Information link (under "Your settings"). On the next page, type in your new e-mail address and click Save & Continue button.


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